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Development in Education

Education is one of the basic rights for humans. Being an educated person means he or she never get cheated. For this knowing how to learn and write is important. We always focus on the development of education and wants to sum up everyone under one roof. People from backward and deprived class and who are also indigent come to us. We also try to provide help in every aspect. We organise literacy campaigns for children to adolescent youths. And for old-aged people we have organised special adult education program to give them the proper knowledge.

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Development in Health

People often neglect their health and in countries like India the rate is very high. Due to poverty, lack of knowledge and indifference people avoid their health and regarding issues. So keeping this in mind, we try to provide a sustainable development for every person of Sagar district.  

Throughout the year our organisation Yashoda Nandan Mahila Kalyan Evm Siksha Samiti organise free health camps and clinics for the poor and deprived class people. In Spite of this we also look after the health of women and for this we organise free doctor check-up for pregnant and old women.

Women Empowerment

To make women self-sufficient we organise stitching training program and some other vocational courses. We also teach them how to make readymade garments, soft-toys candles etc. All these household programs women can do from home. To let them know about the importance of women we organise women’s day on the 8th of march every year. We encourage women and adolescent girls for attending this courses and workshops. With this they can earn and get secured in life.

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Let's Build Our Dream Clean India.

The father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi had always dreamed to make India a clean India and always put his hard efforts towards cleanliness in India. To complete this vision let's join hand with us to make a beautiful India.